You is Kind, You is Smart, You is Important

When a good friend and I were walking around the cold and cobblestoned streets of Stockholm a few months back, she made a reference to the movie The Help. “You is kind, you is smart, you is important,” she had said. I looked at her, her kind eyes gleaming with a hint of laughter, and my heart melted when I realized I hadn't told myself these things … [Read more...]

Sharing Secrets

There are secrets in life that are fun to keep - surprising your parents with unexpected visits, hosting celebrations for unsuspecting honourees, exciting news that make people smile. Then, there are those secrets that haunt you and impact your life in detrimental ways. I had one - one of those vile, destructive secrets. Although it came into my … [Read more...]


13. My lucky number. Even the psychic said good things were coming this year. And they did. 2013 was an amazing year and during this particular time where nostalgia runs rampant and leads to reflection, I can't help but reminisce on all of the amazing memories that were created and shared. With that said, this year did not come without its fair … [Read more...]

Christmas with the Coworkers

Each year when the Christmas season rolls around I always find myself wondering what to get my coworkers. We have never done a Secret Santa and not everyone exchanges gifts, but I usually like to give something small to those within my direct working unit to share a bit of Christmas cheer. In the past I have gotten them a box of chocolates fastened … [Read more...]